5 de abril de 2018

KNOTT's BERRY FARM: Abre el 18 de mayo una montaña rusa.....como para entrenar astronautas

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Buena Park, California.- Knott’s new attraction, HangTime, is set to open Friday, May 18. California’s first and only dive coaster, it will take riders up a vertical lift hill, pause for several seconds and then shoot them into a 15-story 96-degree drop. 


In all, HangTime boasts 2,189 feet of track and five inversions. It will be the second roller coaster in the Western hemisphere with a negative-g stall loop. When: Open 10 a.m. daily

 Where: 8039 Beach Blvd., Buena Park

 Tickets: $43-$79. Information: 714-220-5200, www.knotts.com.


Aun en proceso de construcción


Location: HangTime will be in the Boardwalk area of the park where Boomerang, Hammerhead, Rip Tide and several attractions once stood.

 Manufacturing: Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, GmbH

 Type: HangTime is a next-generation “infinity coaster” model.

Height: 150 feet.

 Track length: 2,198 feet.

 Top speed: 57 mph

 Ride time: 80 seconds.

 Height requirement: 48 inches.

 Weight requirement: There is a 350 pound per seat average based on the overall restriction for the car, so someone who weighs more could still ride if they can fit in the seat safely.

 Accommodations: For special needs riders, accommodations will include an elevator and holding area.

 Theme: Like the rest of the Boardwalk, it will be a beach theme, with queue walkways embellished with seashells and landscaping that will include sand and other seaside decor.

 Capacity: 800 guests per hour. It is still being determined whether cubbies or lockers will be provided for phones and other personal items.

 Safety: Lapbars and seatbelts, but no shoulder restraint.

 Car layout: Four individual rows of connected cars for a total of 16 passengers per run, similar to GhostRider.

Cars will feature surfboard-styled headrests.

 Experience: The ride begins with 90-degree vertical lift hill, holds at the top for 2 seconds at a 60-degree angle, which gives the illusion of a disappearing track, and then riders travel back into a 96-degree 15-story drop.

 Car safety: Should the car get stuck on the drop, it has magnetic braking coming down.

 Other features: Five inversions. It will be the second roller coaster in the Western Hemisphere to boast a negative G stall loop, which will give riders a sensation of floating. The track will also dive 5-feet below the midway.

 Color and lighting: It will be silver and light blue and accented with LED lights that can shine in different colors to mark holidays and special events throughout the year. The cars will feature chase lights so onlookers can follow their progress on the tracks.

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