19 de marzo de 2018

ERA TRUMP : Visita Sasabe , el secretario de Interior; Ryan Zinke

Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke toured the border with public

Sasabe, Az.- Along one of the most remote portions of Pima County, on horseback, surrounded by miles of fencing, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke tours the U.S.-Mexico border, Saturday. "Clearly we're supportive of a wall," Zinke said. "We're supportive of multiple technologies, going through what we saw today was a lot of litter, a lot of traffic, a lot of activity, at least signs of activity." 

Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke toured the border with public

Almost 200 miles of the Southern Border is managed by the Department of Interior. This was Secretary Zinke's first trip here after more than a year on the job. Zinke believes the nation must strengthen border security and immigration laws as he was joined by several customs and border patrol agents. 

Zinke makes first trip to border

We love immigration. Our country is made of immigrants. We have to have a policy that's sustainable over the course of time. Our law enforcement, you know, they deserve to work in an environment that is relatively safe because they're out there every day.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke toured the U.S.-Mexico

 Zinke calls the miles of fencing along the border a barrier. "I think we can all agree this is a barrier," the secretary said. "This is a wall. You can see through it so it has a lot of advantages from your law enforcement officials and frankly our wildlife officials.

 Can it be climbed over? Absolutely." 


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