12 de marzo de 2018

ARIZONA : Arman el; Nogales U.S. Trucking Association, nuevo pool transportista

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Nogales.- New local trucking association forms Trucking company owners have banded together to form the Nogales U.S. Trucking Association, a nonprofit that aims to advocate for the local industry. “It’s to unite trucking companies here in Nogales, Ariz. so trucking companies can have a voice,” said Jimmy Watson, Jr. of JSJ Enterprises and one of the group’s founders. So far, 25 companies with 700 trucks have joined the association, which formed in late January, Watson said.

He estimated there are 200 trucking companies in Nogales and Rio Rico, though some are very small with only one or two trucks. Company owners like Watson have complained that recent new laws have led to driver shortages and high shipping rates. But local truck drivers and residents have responded that low wages and poor – or lack of – benefits are also contributing to the shortage.

 Watson said the new association will benefit both company owners and drivers by setting higher pay rates – likely 45 to 50 cents a mile – to attract drivers and make sure companies don’t overcharge or undercut each other. He acknowledged that other trucking hubs around the country have typically offered more attractive pay than Nogales. “It wasn’t low, it wasn’t just as high as it should have been,” Watson said of the local rates.

Jimmy Watson, Jr. of JSJ Enterprises

 He said that not all local companies offer insurance and other benefits, so he wants to explore if the association can purchase a group insurance plan. “At the end of the day (the association is) going to help out our community, whether it be finding more (local) drivers, whether it be people moving down here to drive for us,” he said.

 Watson said the association will make it easier for the trucking community to communicate with partners like the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas and government agencies. The group has already met with the FPAA, the U.S. Border Patrol and the state and federal departments of transportation. Image boost One of the association’s goals is to gain an extension for implementing the federal ELD mandate, which requires commercial drivers to outfit their rigs with a device that automatically tracks their hours, Watson said.
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Another purpose of the group is to “build a better image for us,” he said. “Trucking is what keeps our town alive, between us and the produce, it’s what keeps Nogales alive and it seems to be looked (down) or frowned upon to be a truck driver or truck owner,” he said. Watson said the association is opening an office, hiring a full-time secretary, creating a website, and plans to host public events and donate to local causes. “We want to be part of this community because we are this community,” he said.

To learn more about the Nogales U.S. Trucking Association, contact Watson at (520) 377-3201. http://www.nogalesinternational.com/news/new-local-trucking-association-forms/article_16b61ee6-1d9f-11e8-933f-5f4f205b5ac5.html#tncms-source=infinity-scroll-summary-siderail-latest

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