3 de febrero de 2018

ARIZONA : Busca Congreso fortalecer autodefensa en los campus,al menos con gas pimienta

Arizona lawmaker wants non-lethal weapons on college campuses

Tucson.-  - An Arizona lawmaker proposed a new bill that would allow certain weapons onto the campuses of public universities statewide. Republican Representative Travis Grantham of Gilbert introduced HB 2172 earlier this month. It would allow individuals to carry ‘non-lethal’ weapons on campus. That includes things like tasers, pepper spray and Chemical Mace. 

 The current ‘no-weapon’ policy established by the Arizona Board of Regents allows only “over-the-counter self-defense repelants” onto campuses. But it prohibits Tasers and mace. It also prohibits any devices which contain oleoresin capsicum, a key ingredient found in most pepper sprays on the market. Grantham said he believes that policy leaves students, staff and faculty in a vulnerable position when it comes to self-defense.

If his bill were to go into law, it would overrule that policy. When it comes to support for the bill, some on the University of Arizona campus were split. Student Anastasia VanderSluys said she thinks it would make people, especially women, feel safer to have those sorts of weapons. “We have a right to defend ourselves and not being allowed to carry tools that would help us do that, especially if we're ever attacked by someone larger or stronger than us, is not safe,” she said. 

Arizona lawmaker wants non-lethal weapons on college campuses

But student Ashton Inskeep said she wouldn’t be comfortable with having such weapons on campus. “I'm of the opinion that any kind of weapon doesn't make me feel safer unless used by law enforcement,” she said. “I really wouldn't want my fellow students to have that, especially concealed.” 

 The proposal will now go to the Arizona House of Representatives Education Committee for further review. So far, no hearing date has been set for the initiative.