18 de enero de 2018

US MARSHALS : Rematara 3 mil 813 Bitcoin...un hecho inedito

Resultado de imagen para imagen de bitcoins

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Marshals are auctioning approximately 3,813 bitcoins in connection with various federal criminal, civil and administrative cases. To register, potential bidders must complete all registration requirements by noon EST Jan. 19.

A $200,000 deposit is required to participate.

Deposits will be returned to nonwinning bidders. The auction will take place during a six-hour period Jan. 22 from 9:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. EST. 

Bids will be accepted by email from preregistered bidders only. The 3,813 bitcoins are offered for sale in 11 blocks: five blocks of 500 bitcoins, five blocks of 100 bitcoins and one block of approximately 813 bitcoins.

Resultado de imagen para escudo de los The U.S. Marshals
The winning bidder will be notified Jan. 22. Further details on the auction are available at