26 de enero de 2018

PRECEDENTE: Demanda por 2 MDD a UA por discriminacion laboral

Dr. Patricia MacCorquodale

Tucson  - A University of Arizona professor and ex-dean has filed a $2 million lawsuit against the Arizona Board of Regents, claiming she is a victim of gender discrimination. Patricia MacCorquodale, a tenured professor of Gender and Women's Studies, served as the dean of the University of Arizona's Honors College for more than two decades. 

 Her attorney said she was not paid nearly as much as her male counterparts, and made roughly half the average salary of a male dean during her final years in the position. "After years of being paid less than her male counterparts, Dr. MacCorquodale decided to take legal action because she saw a problem and thought it was important to make sure the university address it," said attorney James E Richardson. Arizona Board of Regents Chair,

Bill Ridenour, said the board is reviewing the complaint and will look into the claims. He noted they do have policies set in place to ensure equal pay. "I don't think there's any type of discrimination going on at the University of Arizona with regard to pay," he told News 4 Tucson.

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 The lawsuit also accuses University of Arizona Provost, Andrew Comrie, of perpetuating "a culture that marginalizes, demeans and undervalues women". "[Comrie's] attitude and behavior towards women played a prominent role in his compensation decision and refusal to make appropriate adjustments for women who were underpaid relative to their male peers,” the lawsuit stated. 

 The University of Arizona announced this week Comrie would be stepping down from his position as Provost and returning to a faculty position. University officials maintained the decision had nothing to do with the lawsuit, and was in the works well before it was filed. News 4 Tucson reached out to Comrie for comment on the claims, but we have not received a response. We did, however, hear from the University of Arizona Chair of Faculty, Lynn Nadel.

He said the lawsuit paints an "unfair characterization" of Comrie, and the claims about him were "out of line". Read the lawsuit here.