29 de enero de 2018

HOLOCAUSTO : Celebran en Tucson 7° Caminata Anual en su conmemoración

Tucson  - Wolfgang Hellpap was just 6-years-old when World War II started in his native Germany. "The survivors are getting old, we're going to die out eventually and we need to have this remembered in history," Hellpap said. The 7th Holocaust Remembrance Walk was held in midtown Sunday afternoon at Congregation Beth Sar Shalom and Book of Life Community Church. 

March of Remembrance
March of Remembrance
March of Remembrance
 There was also a ceremony marked with the lighting of six candles to remember the six million Jews murdered. "It is my obligation right now to speak because we are the last generation of witnesses," survivor Yuliya Gemina said.

Resultado de imagen para fotos de la marcha por el holocausto

With grace and strength and the memories and the scars, six survivors recounted their experience for the community, believing it's their duty to speak out. Hellpap struggled to survive and vividly remembers the brutality he saw firsthand. "We had little children, 2-years-old and they just killed them just like that because they were crying too much, sometimes they cried too much, they killed them," he said.

 There were hundreds of Holocaust Remembrance ceremonies throughout the world this weekend.