18 de enero de 2018

HOLLYWOOD : Clonaran su mítico letrero para darle otro atractivo mas a LAX

The Hollywood Sign is seen on November 16, 2005 in Los Angeles, California. (Credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

Los Angeles.-  A report released by the city of Los Angeles Wednesday proposes building a replica of the Hollywood sign on the other side of the mountain to provide more photo opportunities for visitors, alleviating congestion around Griffith Park.

 The study — conducted by the firm Dixon Resources Unlimited and presented by Councilman David Ryu — outlines a number of strategies to improve tourist access around the area. In addition to building a replica of the sign, the report also proposes opening a visitor center and a viewing platform.

 “The Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park are being loved to death,” Ryu said in a statement. “This is a world-renowned icon, and possibly the only one without proper access to it. It’s like having the Statue of Liberty without a visitor’s center, viewing platform, or even a sign telling you how to get to it.”

 The second Hollywood sign would be constructed on the north or L.A. Zoo side of Griffith Park. The backdrop would be similar to the original, according to the report.

 The study notes that a replica could “take away from the history” of the original sign.

 “For educational and historical purposes, it may make the most sense to maintain only the original sign,” the report says. “An additional sign is proposed as a strategy to consider because of its potential to improve safety and reduce neighborhood congestion.”

Resultado de imagen para foto del letrero Hollywood en Los Angeles

Along with options to provide more visitor opportunities, the report also includes proposals to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility to Griffith Park and trailheads. It also outlines ways to expand transit options (including an aerial tram), enhance traffic flow and emergency vehicle access, implement stricter parking rules and increase parking citation amounts.

Resultado de imagen para foto del letrero Hollywood en Los Angeles

Ryu has filed a motion requesting city officials to study the feasibility of the proposals.