9 de enero de 2018

ARIZONA 2018 : Busca Kelly Fryer la gubernatura apoyada por feministas

Kelly Fryer

Tucson.- Kelly Fryer, CEO of the YWCA Southern Arizona, plans to throw her hat into the ring to run for Governor of Arizona. Fryer plans to officially announce her candidacy for governor on Tuesday, according to a media press release.

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 "This campaign is about inspiring people to get involved, raise our voices, vote our values and step up to lead in our communities," said Fryer. Fryer, who served as the YWCA's CEO since 2013, said her campaign is driven by a vision where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. 

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 "We have all the resources, brainpower and willpower to fix every problem we face - to stomp out poverty, make our communities safer, care for our seniors, make our schools the best in the nation, make health care available to everyone, and pass on a healthy environment to our children," said Fryer. Fryer will take a leave of absence from the YWCA as she campaigns for governor 

The non-profit organization has appointed Liz Rabago as acting CEO effective February 1. Fryer previously worked as Executive Director of Arizona List, an organization that works to elect women to local and state office.