1 de enero de 2018

2018 : Crea incertidumbre el posible impacto de nuevas leyes fiscales y laborales

Tucson.- New year, new laws, big impact on Arizona. The start of 2018 means a trio of new laws that could have a big affect on Arizonans.

 Employees are excited about an increase in the minimum wage, but some business owners are worried about now having to pay their workers $10.50 and hour.

 "It costs me approximately four thousand dollars a month employing twelve to fifteen people, that's a big hit for a small business owner to take," said Frank Silverman of Midtown Tavern

After being signed into law by President Donald Trump a new tax law is set to take affect.

 The law doubles the standard deduction, doubles the child tax credit, and gits rid of the nearly $4,000 personal exemption.

 None of which experts say, will have an impact on your next tax return.000 "That's already a done deal. None of the new tax laws affect the 2017 taxes," said Joseph Rose with Desert Rose Tax and Accounting. The final law goes into affect at midnight in California.

The state has legalized recreational marijuana, but if you're thinking of trying to bring something back to Arizona.  Arizona officials want to remind you that they will be checking at immigration checkpoints.