6 de diciembre de 2017

TUCSON : Aprueban Licencia de Alcoholes al Estadio Universitario

The Tucson City Council has approved a liquor license for the University of Arizona.

Tucson, Az.-   The license will allow the university to sell beer and wine during basketball games at the McKale Center. "We intend to start serving this year," said University of Arizona Vice President Joel Hauff. Hauff spoke out in favor of the license during Tuesday night's city council meeting. Telling councilmembers the license wasn't about making profits.

 "It's probably not something that is going to generate a lot of money. And again that's not really why Arizona athletics has chose to do this. They're doing it to respond to requests from fans about creating an environment in the game that they (the fans) have been looking for some time," said Hauff. One person spoke out against granting the license. "The two motivations I can see here are profit and pleasure.

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 They can do their profit some other way and we already have the pleasure of the games," said Judith Blair. After listening to Blair's concerns the council ultimately voted 5-1 in favor the measure. "The Wildcat family is just incredible in Tucson and I want it to stay that way. And we are risking it not staying that way," said Blair. 

 UA officials say the plan on adding extra security measures once the sale of alcohol starts. Sales will also stop early in the second half.