9 de diciembre de 2017

NARCO : Multifacetico su dinamismo....Cae anciana de 77 y por la Sentri

Dance studio operator, 2 others arrested for drug-smuggling

Nogales, Az.- U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry referred a 77-year-old Nogales woman for a secondary search of her GMC van when she attempted to enter the country through the SENTRI trusted traveler lane. 

Officers looked in the vehicle’s rear cargo area and discovered more than 41 pounds of meth, worth in excess of $123,000, and more than 12 pounds of heroin, valued at close to $216,000. The woman’s SENTRI privileges were revoked, her van was seized and she was turned over to federal investigators. 

 U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Nogales Station sent a Phoenix couple for a secondary inspection at the Interstate 19 immigration checkpoint. The 22-year-old male driver and 21-year-old female passenger were subsequently arrested after agents found a 41-year-old undocumented Mexican man in the trunk of the Ford Focus they were driving. A small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia were also found in the car.

 Nov. 30 •

Border Patrol agents patrolling approximately two miles west of Nogales encountered a man who had illegally entered the country, later identified as 31-year-old Fernando Garcia-Loya.

Fernando Garcia-Loya

A records check revealed that he had a previous conviction in Provo, Utah for forcible sex abuse in 2009, and 2016 felony convictions for re-entry after deportation and failure to register as a sex offender. Garcia is being held in federal custody pending prosecution for criminal and immigration violations.

 • Border Patrol agents at the I-19 checkpoint referred a shuttle van for a secondary immigration inspection and discovered two small bundles of methamphetamine on an 18-year-old female passenger from Rio Rico. The meth had a total weight of one pound and an estimated street value of $33,000. 


 Nov. 28 Officers working at the DeConcini crossing referred a 25-year-old woman for a secondary inspection of her Ford sedan when she attempted to enter the United States through a SENTRI lane.

During the inspection, a drug-sniffing dog alerted to the vehicle’s spare tire well, where officers found nearly 48 pounds of methamphetamine, worth almost $144,000. The woman’s SENTRI privileges were revoked, her vehicle was seized and she was turned over to federal investigators.