20 de diciembre de 2017

ARIZONA : Blanquea primer nevada a montañas de Santa Rita

Dusting on the mountain

Sahuarita.-  The first winter storm of the year came a bit late, but it brought plenty of snow. Although there are no observers in the Santa Rita Mountains who can supply an accurate measure of snowfall, National Weather Service meteorologist Aaron Hardin suspects Mt. Wrightson likely received just as much snow as Mt. Lemmon — between 3.6 to 4 inches.

 “The first winter storm is usually in November, but it’s been so dry, no weather system came through that could bring snow,” Hardin said. Kids hoping to romp around in the snow once school is out might be disappointed to hear there won’t be any more falling anytime soon.  “Today’s the last rain we’re going to get for a while,” Hardin said Monday.

 “Rain for the Tucson and Green Valley area will be tapering off by late this morning.” We won’t be getting any snow, but we will be in for some cold mornings this week. The low temperature for Thursday is expected to be 25 degrees and it’ll fall to 30 degrees overnight Friday, Hardin said. 

 That means cover your plants, bring in your pets and make sure your water pipes are protected. Daytime temperatures will be in the upper 50s, low 60s most of the week, although it might reach the high 60s on Wednesday, he said. The average high temperature is around 65 degrees.