29 de noviembre de 2017

EEUU : Logran productores sumar al Mango a las Fiestas Decembrinas


Estados Unidos.-  Mango is enjoying a noteworthy increase in popularity among U.S. consumers, especially during the fall and winter months. The National Mango Board reports that mango volume during these months show a significant uplift of approximately 50 percent in the last three years. 

For the tropical fruit typically regarded as a summer item, this is an important milestone.nmhe Mango volume is expected to remain higher than normal through the holiday season and into the new year. Retailers can warm up the upcoming winter months by planning mango promotions during this time of consistently high mango availability. 

Retailers should utilize point-of-sale materials to teach shoppers about mangos in the colder months and include mangos in their holiday celebrations with a mango cranberry sauce recipe or a mango yams with almonds dish. In addition, retailers can spark shoppers’ holiday mango spirit with the Mangos Merry and Bright header card.

“The days where mangos are confined to tropical displays in stores are gone and for good reasons,” said Valda Coryat, director of marketing at the NMB. “Research shows us that mangos are an impulse purchase, therefore we encourage all retailers to place mangos in their mainstream displays to benefit from shopper’s desire for recipe inspiration.”

 To build the perfect mango display the NMB suggests the following best practices:

 Mangos make up nearly 40 percent of tropical fruit category sales, so maintain high-traffic shelf space year-round where your customers can always find mangos

Build secondary mango displays in the produce department or front of store, especially when mango volumes are highest and when mangos are on promotion

Build sales by carrying multiple varieties and sizes of mangos

Educate customers about selection, ripening and cutting by using POS materials from the NMB Group mangos by variety, size and ripeness level Keep displays well stocked, but to avoid bruising, do not stack too high

Never stack heavier fruit such as pineapple, papaya or coconuts above mangos POS materials are available free of charge to order from the NMB, in addition to merchandising best practices information at Mango.org/Retail. For more information about mango crop forecasts, please visit Mango.org/Crop.