8 de noviembre de 2017

DOUGLAS : Sera promovido como " set " al satisfacer exigencias de los productores

Douglas is film ready
Matthew Earl Jones, Director of the Arizona Office of Film and Digital Media meets with the City Mayor and Council
Douglas, Arizona.- The film office catalogues an extensive database of locations throughout the state that are interested in being used for filming destinations for feature and short films, commercials, documentaries, and music videos. 

                                        Jones was invited by the City of Douglas, and upon his visit toured the different sectors of the city.

 The office director spoke before the City Mayor and Council during their October regular meeting, and discussed the subject of what Douglas can do to be more film friendly. “I can honestly say nothing,” Jones said. “I’m very impressed with the locations. 

As a filmmaker myself driving around I saw many different locations that would double for many different places across this country.” Jones traveled from downtown Phoenix, where the state office is located, and noted that on his way to Douglas he saw beautiful parts of the state that he has never seen before.

 He noted that Arizona once had one of the oldest film commissions in the country. The Office of Film and Digital Media closed in 2010, and reopened in December of last year as a sales force for bringing the film industry to Arizona.

                                               “Southern Arizona has had a very rich history with film and television,” Jones said.

 In the last 10 months, the state office has assisted local offices to close between 70 and 75 film projects, Jones mentioned. The state’s website, www.GoFilmAz.com is built within an international registry that is accessible to set producers around the world. 

All the state would need to promote Douglas is the submission of pictures and videos of the city, the community, previous films that were shot here, news, and events to be published on their website. “As far as being film ready, there’s not much Douglas needs to do it’s as simple as letting the state promote,” said Jones. “Just get those pictures to us as soon as possible.”

 During the council meeting, Jones explained that Arizona currently does not have a tax incentive program for the film industry. He was happy to report on the recent decision that was made, on behalf of Gov. Doug Ducey, to add Film and Digital Media as the sixth targeted industry in the Arizona Commerce Authority’s established industries.

                          Currently the state office of Film and Digital Media organizes the Reel Deal voluntary program, as an alternate to a tax credit. 

 “We look to shift the burden of leading the film industry from the public sector to the private sector,” Jones said. Reel Deals is a pro-business, free-market program that allows the private sector to support the film and digital media industry. Participating vendors like hotels, rental car operators, and restaurants provide special discounts to out-of-state productions registered with the Arizona Office of film & Digital Media.

Discounts provide immediate savings to production budget, with no delay and no paperwork, which assists in attracting industry professionals. When touring Douglas, Jones expressed that to him, the streets resemble a Midwest town, more so than what one would expect a southwestern desert community to look like. “Not to say that our cities aren’t impressive, but [other] cities around the country are very impressive,” said Jones.

 “However, very few places have the diversity of towns and landscape that Arizona has...I think Arizona should be very proud of what we have to offer.”

 For more infromation visit www.GoFilmAz.com or follow @AZFilmOffice on Twitter.