25 de octubre de 2017

PARTE-AGUAS : Resuelve Concilio de Tucson controlar venta de armas

Tucson.- With a unanimous vote, Tucson City Councilmembers have decided to take on gun control. The Council voted 7 -0 to pass a resolution calling on state and federal officials to ban so called bump stocks. "To arm people with fully automatic weapons is just not acceptable and we should have a conversation," said Ward 1 Councilwoman Regina Romero. 

 City officials say they initially wanted to pass a measure banning bump stocks within Tucson city limits. However, a recent State Supreme Court decision stripped local governments of the ability to regulate and enforce their own gun laws. 

 Romero says that decision means Tucson just has to find another way to speak out. "We will keep advocating for sensible gun legislation. It's that simple," said Romero. Several Tucson community members spoke out in favor of the resolution before the vote.