25 de octubre de 2017

IMAGEN URBANA : Cual "big city" , ya ofrece Tucson dos pianos publicos

Tucson Living: Downtown piano project

Tucson.-  Downtown Tucson now has two public pianos available to be played. The piano project was thought up by Chris Eldridge, a local real estate agent. Eldridge said he did it to make Tucson more unique to visitors.

 The pianos are located on the sidewalks outside of Elliott's on Congress and Boca Tacos y Tequila. Each, painted by a local artist. Funding to purchase the pianos was provided by Brian Ward, CEO of The Prime Leaf. 

Ward said that the project is wholly supported by his company and is exactly what they want to be doing in the community. Eldridge hopes to be able to donate the pianos to the TUSD music program when they are retired