4 de octubre de 2017

BORDER PATROL : Quiere nuevo jefe de Tucson, mas personal y mas tecnología

Tucson.--Rodolfo Karisch, the new chief of Tucson Sector Border Patrol, expressed a need for more personnel, establishing positive community relationships and innovating in technology. Karisch comes from Del Rio, Texas, where he served as the sector’s border patrol chief. Recently, the Tucson sector hired 44 agents. Currently, 3,800 personnel monitor 262 miles of the U.S. Mexico Border. But Karisch said there’s always a need for additional agents.

 "We also have to make sure that the investment that we already had made in the manpower, that we're using it wisely so we have to look at any task forces that we participate in, we've got to look at our deployment posture to make sure agents are placed in the right places,” he said. Karisch said establishing positive relationships with tribal communities is also important.

 "I think at the end of the day, they want the same things we want, which is a tranquil and safe border. I always want to continue the practice that we've had here of bringing some of that cultural awareness training to our agents,” Karisch said. Rough terrain makes it difficult for agents to navigate. Implementing technology in the sky and on the ground is also on Karisch’s radar to help secure the border. Drones continue to be a prime example. "For us to get in these areas, we've got to look at portable technology. 

We've got to make sure that we can deploy these things safely. We definitely don't want an accident out there in the skies,” Karisch said. Karisch also strives to address the problems of human and drug smuggling, which continue to big issues along the U.S. Mexico border. "In regard to drug smuggling, I often say this and it's something that's painful for us to hear but we have the appetite in this country. If we want to stop the drug flow, we've got to reduce that appetite.”