7 de septiembre de 2017

TUCSON : Reportes sobre presencia de osos genera sicosis

Black bear with two cubs spotted near Madera Canyon
Tucson.  - Arizona Game and Fish officials are urging caution for hikers in Madera Canyon after receiving multiple reports of bear sightings. On Labor Day, a hiker was charged at by a black bear on the canyon’s Super Trail. “No sooner than we put that information out there did we start receiving additional calls,” explained Arizona Game and Fish spokesman, Mark Hart.

“We've had five separate reports of six different sightings since Saturday. So it's been a busy Labor Day weekend for hikers and bears." Hart said they now know there is a light-colored female bear with two cubs in the area.

 “By all means, do not get between them. Do not get between mom and the two cubs,” said Hart. “Although not as aggressive as grizzly bears, black bears can react very instinctively when young ones are involved.” If you’re approached by a bear, Hart said make yourself appear bigger and yell to scare off the bear. You can report bear sighting 24/7 to Arizona Game and Fish at 1 (800) 970-BEAR (2327).