21 de septiembre de 2017

TUCSON: Recibe sus primeros huespedes el Marriot del centro

Tucson.- Just a few final touches to be made before the AC Marriott Hotel downtown opens its doors to the public. The $32 million project has finally come to fruition after two years of construction. Grant Bruce, serving as the hotel manager, noted this marks a big step toward revitalizing downtown Tucson. "It means more than I think people realize, to the city,” Bruce said.

 The eight-story, European-style hotel is packed with 136 rooms, a rooftop pool and bar and 1,500 square feet of meeting space. "We try to make sure everything is very simple. We don't want to have too much. We don't it to be very modern and discerning,” Bruce said. Tucson accommodates more than 4 million over-night visitors each year, contributing $2.2 billion to the local economy. "Only 30 percent of what they spend their money on goes for lodging. The rest goes toward anything from food and beverage, restaurants, gasoline, retail purchases,” said Brent DeRaad, president and CEO of Visit Tucson.

 DeRaad believes the AC Hotel is setting the stage for future growth along the downtown corridor, whether it’s in the form of additional lodging, shops, or corporations. "That chicken and egg scenario starting with the hotels, we really feel like it'll translate to more residents in the downtown in the not too distant future,” DeRaad said. Old Pueblo native Victor Pineda is the front office manager "I remember being a teenager and there was nothing down here,” Pineda said.

Pineda is one of 50 employees working at the AC Hotel -- each playing a part in helping transform the heart of downtown Tucson. "We really embrace that local atmosphere sending our guests to the local restaurants and bars and giving them that Tucson experience,” he said. The hotel is already proving to be quite popular. Bruce said they’re almost fully booked for the month of October.