12 de septiembre de 2017

SABINO CANYON : Captan imagenes de una Puma con sus crios

Tucson .- The Arizona Game and Fish Department captured video of a group of mountain lions in Sabino Canyon. Mark Hart, with AZGFD, said an officer set up a trail camera in a wash near Rattlesnake Trail. The camera was positioned just off the tram road in lower Sabino Canyon. “We have been aware of the presence of a female with two kittens in lower Sabino Canyon for most of the summer,” said Hart. But, the kittens are now closer to yearlings.”

 Hart said there have been other mountain lion sightings reported recently. In the last week, he said, two reports have come from the area near La Paloma. “One (report) involved a mountain lion playing with a coyote, which is highly unusual. They would fight rather than play. Another report was of a mountain lion eating a snake which could happen, but is unlikely.” He said the department has to look at these types of reports closely. “If we get a report of a mountain lion on the golf course at La Paloma, we have to look at that twice because if there were a lion on the golf course we'd get lots of calls.” Hart said if spotted, a mountain lion will have a long tail, tan coloring and light-colored underbelly. 

 He said incidents involving mountain lions killing people are rare. To protect yourself, he advised to stand your ground. “Wave your arms over your head and yell. Throw things that you have on hand and try to get that mountain lion to think you are a bigger threat to it than it is to you.” Hart said a person is twice as likely to be attacked by a bear in Arizona, than a mountain lion.