6 de septiembre de 2017

ERA TRUMP: Afecta rescicion del DACA a 28 mil arizonenses

Tucsonans react to rescission of DACA

Tucson.- Tuesday morning’s announcement on the rescission of DACA leaves nearly 28,000 recipients in Arizona with an uncertain future. Eloy Nidez’s parents brought him to Tucson from Mexico when he was just one year old. An aspiring business owner, the Sunnyside High grad and DACA recipient said he cannot imagine what his life would be like if the program were to shut down. “If I did not have DACA, I'll be possibly back in Mexico, trying to get my citizenship and earning a hundred dollars a week,” he said. Protests on the DACA decision have popped up all over the country. 

In Tucson, about one hundred TUSD students walked out of classes to join a protest on the University of Arizona campus. “DACA impacts a lot of people in the community, a lot of people very close to me and my friends and my family,” said Tucson High student, Geri Espinosa. 

“The loss of this program would just be terrible for the people that are living in this community, the people going to our schools.” Selma Taljanovic is a Tucson attorney who represents several DACA recipients. She said she is holding on to hope for her clients, as the program’s future now rests in the hands of Congress. “We are hopeful that this news from today will propel Congress to work together, to create a path that will help these students,” she said.

Referencias de personas que ofrecen en Tucson apoyo legal y de asistencia al DACA 

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