1 de septiembre de 2017

AGROMERCADOS : Alcanza los 100 Dlls la caja de aguacates , un precio "estratosferico"


San Francisco.- On Monday, Aug. 28, several wholesalers on the produce markets in San Francisco were quoting more than $100 per carton for what was left of the California avocado crop. While most of the California crop was marketed by the end of July, some growers, especially those in the most northern avocado district near San Luis Obispo, held back a bit and were reaping the benefits of a tight market and diminishing supplies. 

But even fruit from Mexico, which was more plentiful, was returning big dollars. On Aug. 29, the Federal State Market News Service reported a range of about $78 to $85 for the most desirable sizes f.o.b. Texas border. But even size 60 fruit was pushing $70 and you had to go to 84s or smaller to find anything even near $40 per carton.

 In discussing the situation on Aug. 24, Robb Bertels, vice president of marketing for Mission Produce in Oxnard, CA, said there continues to be the expectation that Mexican producers are going to ramp up supplies but with California and Peru’s production falling off dramatically in August, the market has remained hot. He said Mission has been telling its customers that the supply situation is about to change for about two months. But even when supplies pick up a bit so does demand and the market has remained extremely hot.

 The greater than $75 market durin............................http://producenews.com/the-produce-news-today-s-headlines/22180-avocado-prices-still-stratospheric