4 de agosto de 2017

PSICOSIS : Da positivo a la Rabia un murciélago del UA Campus

Tucson, AZ.- A bat found on the University of Arizona campus has tested positive for rabies, according to the Pima County Health Department. The bat was found on an outside staircase landing area at McClellan Park, 650 N. Park Avenue, on Thursday, July 27. 

 Health officials do not know if the bat came in contact with humans or animals nor do they know how long the bat had been in the area before it was found. Any person or pet who may have had contact with the bat is asked to immediately call the Pima County Health Department at (520) 724-7797. People usually get rabies from a bite of a rabid animal.

 It is also possible for people to get rabies from saliva or scratch from an infected animal. In humans, symptoms can take a few weeks or several years after exposure. In animals, the development of symptoms can be from 2 weeks to many months. However, once symptoms of rabies start, that person or animal usually does not survive.