23 de agosto de 2017

NOGALES : Cierra Robinson’s True Value.....ultimo clavo al ataúd de los Capin,

True Value

Nogales, AZ.- For the first time in nearly a century, Morley Avenue will be without a hardware store now that Robinson’s True Value is preparing to close its doors in Nogales.

 “It is sad,” said Jim Capin, whose family purchased the store in the 1960s and who has owned it with his brother and brother-in-law since 1995. “The store has been here for a long, long time under different ownership.”

Like many other once-thriving businesses that have turned into empty storefronts in downtown Nogales, Robinson’s True Value can no longer make ends meet, Capin said. He cited the 2008 financial crisis as the beginning of a slow decline, as well as long lines at the ports of entry that have made it harder for Mexican shoppers to cross the border.

“That impacts everybody’s business,” he said. “Last holiday season was probably the worst one in my lifetime.”

 While businesses along Morley Avenue rely on holiday shoppers for the boost they need to stay profitable, the weak value of the Mexican peso against the dollar and negative rhetoric from then-presidential candidate Donald Trump slowed an already sluggish local economy last winter, Capin said. Without the seasonal sales, his company could no longer continue to support the unprofitable Nogales store.

Boarding up the Morley Avenue True Value marks the end of an era in Nogales. The street has had a hardware store since at least the 1920s, Capin said, and his family has been in the retail business downtown for just as long.

 “It’s a very difficult time for retail in Nogales,” he said. “Eventually something will change, and there will always be a downtown Nogales and there will always be business down here, though it might not be as much retail. I doubt it will be. Times changes, and things get worse and then they get better.”

Robinson’s True Value is currently selling all of its merchandise at a 50-percent discount, then will sell store fixtures and office supplies as well before closing, which Capin said he expects to be in a few more weeks.

Though the average customer will now have to find another place for their hardware needs – or travel to the True Value in Green Valley, one of five locations in Arizona and New Mexico that Capin’s company JNG Holdings, LLC will continue operating – commercial customers can still place orders through store manager Martin Medina, who will be running an office for the company in Santa Cruz County.

 “We’re right now in the processes of relocating and looking for a building that’s going to be located in Nogales. And I’ll continue doing business,” Medina said during the call to the public portion of a county supervisors meeting last Wednesday.

From his office, Medina will continue providing supplies to commercial customers throughout the county, as well as taking special orders that will be filled through the Green Valley store, he said.

 “I do have quite a few accounts, and it’s not time for me to just pick up and leave,” said the Nogales native, who added that he’s worked for the Capins since he was 15 years old. “I just hope Nogales supports me.”