11 de agosto de 2017

CULTURA : Se fortalece la afamada Academia de Danza "BB Danceur"

Nosek now part of BB Danceur Academy

Douglas, AZ.-  The dancer who had been teaching in Douglas for 23 years is now part of the team at the BB Danceur Academy. She will be showing her experience in ballet to kids and adults starting the first week of August. Mary Nosek is knowing for her ballet school in Douglas which she decided to close this year. But after a few months she decided to be part of the team lead by Adriana Harris at BB Danceur Academy. 

 “I closed my dance school and I thought I could maybe help, I feel that with my background and my experience and my training I still can tell people a little more of techniques, I would like to give as much as I can,” Nosek said. She said also that she decided to contact this particular dance school because of the passion she sees in the instructors. “I also wanted to be part of this team because I see that she (Adriana) cares the most about what she does, from all of the people that teach dance here in Douglas, she’s the one who cares the most about it,” Nosek added.

 “And I also see that she is kind and she can connect with people really easy, so they trust her, she is creative and kind and I like that, she’s the only one I trust to help.” Harris added that all the BB Danceur Academy crew felt honored to have Ms. Mary join them. “When she contacted us of course we received her with our arms open, because we know all her history and we believe that she can help us a lot,” Harris stated. 

 Adriana feels that with Ms. Mary they will be offering more dance classes to kids and adults. “We will be offering classes where Mary could teach more of her techniques, ballet, flamenco classes and also we want to invite our neighbors from other cities, the registration is already open and the classes will start Aug.7,” Harris added.

 The different types of dance classes are Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Aerial Silks, Hip Hop, Tap, Acro/Tumbling, Latin, Flamenco, Character, Polynesian and Belly dance. The Dance studio is located at 1905 E 10th Street and you can also find them on Facebook with BBDanceurAcademy ..........