27 de julio de 2017

TUCSON : Revela TV 4 condiciones del perrazo que viven agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza

Tucson.-  Everyone expects to work in safe and sanitary conditions. However, some Border Patrol agents claim they are working in deplorable conditions. Even the Office of the Inspector General said in a lengthy report they identified several issues with some of the forward operating bases. It’s a story the News 4 Tucson investigators first told you about last fall.

 Now, pictures have been uncovered about the conditions agents are currently working and living in. In a recent email from Tucson Border Patrol, News 4 Tucson Investigators were told the Forward Operating Bases are clean and safe. But the pictures tell a different story. Art Del Cueto, President of the Border Patrol Union Local 2544 said, “Agents are out there all the time, and they send us pictures and they are concerned about these living conditions.” Agents live in FOB’s several days at a time. 

They are located in undisclosed areas in remote locations for tactical operations. Agents live in these camps days at a time. “They're put out there in these conditions that are pretty scary to be honest, Del Cueto told News 4 Tucson. Some of the problems, mold and bed bugs. He said the patrol agent in charge of the FOB where the bed bugs are located, told the union, “She did inform me she cared about the agents and she cared and made sure that their health and their family was a big concern so the bugs would not be taken home.

 So they are looking at the right measures to fix that. “ He also said, “Members of the union went out there to look at the mold itself. It was very alarming, it was in a couple of common areas. One of them being underneath the sinks in the kitchen. Also around one of the ice machines.” On July 12, News 4 Tucson Investigators sent an email to the Tucson Sector Public Affairs Office, inquiring about conditions at the Forward Operating Bases. One week later Border Patrol responded. “All forward operating bases are free of any mold, pest, or health hazards.” Not so, said the union per its July 21 Facebook post. Which showed photos of mold, and an agent covered in bug bites. “We've been back and forth with the problems with these camps for a long, long time.” 

 Last November, News 4 Tucson Investigators were at this Forward Operating Base where flyers were posted around the camp warning agents that arsenic levels in the camp's drinking water were above normal health standards. Border Patrol provided other means for agents to have water. In February of 2016, the Office of Inspector General issued a report. It said, "One of the Tucson Sector FOB’s we visited has inadequate living conditions, as well as security issues and safety and health concerns." Del Cueto added, “So I think that should be a big eye opener and those things need to be taken care of." News 4 Tucson Investigators emailed Border Patrol and asked if it wanted to update its comments, no one has responded.