14 de julio de 2017

TUCSON : Regresa a la carcel, Louis Taylor, incendiario del Hotel Pioneer

Tucson, Az.-  A man who was convicted of killing 28 people in a 1970 fire is back in jail. The Pioneer Hotel caught fire on December 20, 1970. Louis Taylor, who was 16 at the time, was arrested for the arson. Decades later, when the evidence was re-examined, the science could not prove the fire was intentionally started.

 In 2013 Taylor made a plea of "no contest," not deeming him innocent of the crime, but getting him out of prison quickly without waiting for a new trial. Prosecutors in the Pima County Attorney's Office continued to say they put the right man in prison. Now, at 63, the man who spent 42 years in prison was arrested for armed robbery.

 Police said he robbed the Riverpark Inn, near Downtown, with a baseball bat. Taylor is currently being charged with armed robbery and kidnapping.