22 de julio de 2017

DOUGLAS : Resuelve prohibir venta de tabaco a menores de 21 años

City adopts final budget, Douglas 2nd city in AZ to pass Tobacco 21

Douglas.- The City of Douglas Mayor and Council adopted its operating budget for 2017/2018, during a public meeting held July 12. The final adoption follows a draft budget presentation, which was presented during a joint Finance Committee and council meeting held on June 13, and the adoption of a tentative budget on June 29. The consolidated operating budget for this fiscal year is $34,244,139 in revenues and $38,367,856 in expenditures. 

 The difference of revenue versus expenditures, $4,123,717, will be covered by transfers, fund balance and capital lease proceeds. During the meeting, at the request of Mayor Robert Uribe, City Manager Jim Russell explained that the specific area of focus in this year’s budget is infrastructure revitalization. Some of the many infrastructure-related initiatives this year will include a $1.3 million street improvements project, expansion of the Wastewater Treatment Plant with connections to Bay Acres, an updated waste collection system, and facade improvements to the downtown area, among others. Uribe mentioned that he would like to see a specific area of focus outlined with each budget in upcoming years.

 ...........During the meeting, members of the Cochise County Youth Health Coalition celebrated the final approval of their Tobacco 21 initiative. The council voted unanimously to raise the legal age to possess or purchase tobacco products, within the city, from 18 to 21-years-old. Douglas is now the second city in the state of Arizona to pass such an ordinance, following the CIty of Cottonwood who initiated the law in June 2016. 

 ................The law, which includes the sale/possession of all tobacco products, alternative nicotine products, and vapor products, will go into effect Aug. 11. 

 In other discussion, the council approved the first reading of ordinance pertaining to an updated solid waste collection and disposal system. The council approved the operational changes to initiate an automated sanitation program through the 2016/2017 budget and once again in this year’s budget. The new program will require the city to issue 96-gallon containers to each water/trash account, and the residents will be responsible for rolling out their container to the curb or designated pickup area on designated pick-up days. 

The city is also adding the ability to pick up garbage for out-of-city-limits customers within the service area of Pirtleville and Bay Acres, that already have water accounts for a fee of $24 a month. According to the city manager, most areas will be picked up at the curb, but some may not have the necessary space, so they may be picked up in the alley or another location. The city will be responsible for replacing and maintaining the cans through normal wear and tear, while residents will be responsible for other damage caused to the can. 

City adopts final budget, Douglas 2nd city in AZ to pass Tobacco 21

Miembros del Cochise County Health Coalicion , sonrien al momento de escuchar la aprobacion de la medida que ellos mismos promovieron.

 By changing to automated service, the city will invest in automated used trucks at $160,000, 4,800 96-gallon containers for $240,000, 300 300-gallon containers for $75,000 and container maintenance truck for $45,000. In addition, this ordinance will increase revenue by increasing fees to commercial accounts, projected at $8,610 additional revenue for the first year, $18,942 for the second year, and $25,830 for the third year. Additional revenue may be earned if outside city limits residential accounts are obtained. For 50 new residential accounts, $14,400 are expected in revenue per year. For a full list of agenda items with actions taken, visit www.DouglasAz.org.

 The next regular meeting of the mayor and council will be held on Aug. 16, at 6 p.m., at City Hall.