29 de julio de 2017

CALIFORNIA : Efectos del Cambio Climatico provocan nueva Gold Rush

Coulterville, Calif.- The state’s historic drought has ended. Riverbeds, once dry, are torrents, and California’s Gold Country is living up to its reputation. Standing on a narrow bridge over Eagle Creek, weeks before the Detwiler fire ravaged the foothills to the south, Robert Guardiola watches nearly 40 miners spread out. Wearing knee pads and waders, they have begun to organize their equipment — buckets and classifiers, hog pans and cradles — along the edge of the stream.

Russ Tait, 72, of Columbia, Calif., doesn’t let his bone cancer get in the way of panning for gold in Eagle Creek during a recent outing with the Delta Gold Diggers.

 T Some cut into sand bars with their shovels; others adjust their sluices half in and out of the flowing water. A few have begun swirling mud in their gold pans. “Everything begins and ends with a pan,” says Guardiola, pleased with the activity. He helped organize this outing, a monthly foray for a local prospecting association known as the Delta Gold Diggers. Settled in a nearby folding lawn chair, Russ Tait is doing his part.

Gold hunter Robert Guardiola pours into a pan gravel deposits that he collected from under a waterfall on his claim near Moccasin, Calif.

A latte-colored slurry circles the perimeter of his emerald-colored pan. With a floppy hat, ponytail and a white beard that hasn’t been trimmed in 18 years, the 72-year-old looks like a refugee from Knott’s Berry Farm.

Even his blue eyes behind silver frames have a bit of a twinkle. Tait has bone cancer, so getting down to the creek isn’t easy. But even if his days are numbered, he isn’t above dreaming.

David Villa sets up equipment to pan for gold in Eagle Creek, near Columbia, Calif., during a recent outing with a prospecting group called the Delta Gold Diggers.

He peers into the murky solution, hoping to glimpse something shiny. “I guess you call it gold fever,” he says. “You get out there, and there’s times where you get tired and you don’t want to quit.” “ I guess you call it gold fever. You get out there, and there’s times where you get tired and you don’t want to quit. ” — Russ Tait http://www.latimes.com/

Gold nuggets sparkle in a pan amidst black sand. The nuggets were found in Bull Creek near Coulterville, Calif.