6 de junio de 2017

STEVE FARLEY Anuncia que buscara la gubernatura de Arizona

Democrat Steve Farley expected to run for Arizona governor 

TUCSON .-  Democratic state Sen. Steve Farley is expected to announce Monday afternoon he's formally entering the governor's race to challenge Republican Gov. Doug Ducey's re-election bid in 2018. 

 Farley made no secret of his intent to run for governor but said he would wait to make his official announcement after the current legislative session ended.

 In a Facebook post dated May 31, Farley told his followers, "In just a few days,

Steve Farley, (D) Arizona Senate (Photo: Arizona State Legislature)

 I will outline a new vision for the Grand Canyon state." Farley was first elected to the legislature in 2006. The assistant minority leader has also become well-known as a strong advocate for public transit and is not shy to serve up sharp criticism of legislation pushed by majority Republicans. 

 The 54-year-old runs a graphic design and art company in Tucson and is credited with composing the historic photographic tile murals around the Broadway Underpass, at the eastern gateway to Downtown. 

 Farley joins Arizona State University professor David Garcia and political unknown Noah Dyer in the race for the Democratic nomination for governor. Ducey is so far unopposed in the Republican primary.