20 de junio de 2017

ARTE URBANO Genera controversia "mensaje" de un nuevo mural

Tucson. - A mural located in downtown Tucson is the source of some confusion and has caused some people to take offense. The mural at 191 East Toole Avenue shows four women of different ethnicities along with the words, “Make whiteness the other.” The mural is on a building that belongs to the Rialto Theatre Foundation. A trio of female artists created the mural on a tour of the southwest, where artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh says they were targeting racism and patriarchy.

 Fazlalizadeh explained what the mural meant, saying “People look at us as though we are different, as though we are deviant,” she said. “We are the ‘other,’ and whiteness is the norm.” Part of the mural’s purpose, according to Fazlalizadeh, was to make people question what is considered normal. “What would it be like if black and brown people weren't looked at as this thing that is different from the norm?" The mural did not cost the Rialito Theatre money. Murals that are not advertisements and are on private property are not regulated. The Rialto Theater has not responded to comment.............................