1 de junio de 2017

ARIZONA Designan a Jose “Joe” Diaz, vice alcalde de Nogales

Joe Diaz

Nogales, AZ.-  Jose “Joe” Diaz, seen here during a special session council meeting on Feb. 16, was voted vice-mayor of the City of Nogales. Jose “Joe” Diaz was elected by his fellow councilmembers as the city’s next vice-mayor during the Nogales City Council’s regular session meeting on April 5. “Thank you for the vote of confidence,” Diaz said following the vote. “I won’t let you down.” After stepping down from the position, then-Vice-Mayor Greg Lucero said it was time to give another member of the council a chance to serve. 

He added that he had wanted to step down earlier, but Councilman Robert Rojas convinced him not to. “When the new council was elected I was speaking with Robert, told him I wanted to step down, and he said I should stay on for a smooth transition,” Lucero said. “I’m going to pay Mr. Rojas back.” Councilman Marcelino Varona, Jr. then nominated Rojas for vice-mayor and Lucero seconded the motion. 

 Before the group had the chance to vote, however, Councilman Nubar Hanessian nominated Diaz, adding that he had more experience on the board and it was his last term in office. Mayor John Doyle also noted that he wanted Councilman Jorge Maldonado to be named vice-mayor, but Maldonado said he wanted to have more experience under his belt.

 After calling for a roll call vote, the council voted 4-3 against naming Rojas vice-mayor, with Lucero, Varona and Rojas voting in favor of the proposal. A second roll call vote to name Diaz to the position also ended with a 4-3 split, with the same three councilmen voting against it. “Considering that Mr. Diaz has shown that he has more time to offer to the city, events, while Mr. Rojas is more tied up with his responsibilities with school, I think the majority of the council feels that Mr. Diaz will serve well,” Doyle said in a phone interview April 7. “He’s very active, involved in local community affairs, so I think he’ll do good.”