3 de mayo de 2017

TUCSON Dedican a mayo a recuperar la civilidad

Tucson Mayor, Jonathan Rothschild, has declared May as “Revive Civility Month” in the Old Pueblo, after signing the proclamation. Rothschild is working with groups like the League of Women’s Voters of Greater Tucson, Ben’s Bells and The University of Arizona’s National Institute for Civil Discourse, in the hopes of promoting respect and grace, especially when it comes to politics. 

 An event was held last night at the Loft Cinema, where News 4 Tucson caught up with Carolyn Lukensmeyer, executive director of Nation Institute Civil Discourse. She discussed the potential of “Revive Civility Month saying it an attempt to, “reknit the chasm of division that came out of the 2016 presidential campaign.” News 4 Tucson’s Lupita Murillo emceed the eve