15 de abril de 2017

TUCSON Balacera en Restaurant Firebirds Wood Fired Grill provoca dos muertos y una mujer herida

....de ultima hora....esclarecen el caso

Multiple sources have confirmed to News 4 Tucson that Fred Bair, a captain with the Tucson Fire Dept., allegedly shot and killed a man and wounded his ex-wife. We're told Bair then turned the gun on himself in what appears to be a murder-suicide. 

Fred Bair

 Authorities say the shooting occurred some time before 7:30pm Friday night at the Firebirds Wood Fired Grill at La Encantada Shopping Center. Pima County Sheriff's Dept. responded to the scene where they found the two men already deceased and the woman with a gunshot wound to the leg. Stay with us as we continue with our up to the minute coverage of this story.

Tucson.- Two men were killed and a woman was injured Friday night in a shooting inside Firebirds Wood Fired Grill at La Encantada Mall in Tucson, authorities said. The Pima County Sheriff's Department confirmed the men at the scene while the woman was shot in the leg and is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. . 

 All three knew each other but their identifies have not been released, authorities said. "After speaking with witnesses, deputies determined the incident was isolated to the restaurant and no other bystanders were injured as a result of the shooting," the PCSD said in a news release. "At this point in the investigation it appears that one handgun was used. This was not a random incident and involved no other parts of the mall or surrounding establishments." PCSD spokesman Cody Gress said the shooting happened around 7:30 p.m. in the bar area at Firebirds. Several witnesses told KOLD News 13 they heard 10 shots before seeing a man turn the gun on himself. 

Others said they saw a man held down by others inside the restaurant. Toni Escuibel, who at the restaurant with family and friends to celebrate her daughter's 13th birthday, said the scene was chaotic. "My husband turned around and said 'everybody under the table,'" Escuibel said. "(We) heard some screaming some scuffling up at the bar.

There were probably about 10 shots – and it was pretty harrowing. Pretty harrowing, not fun for young girls to have to go through that kind of experience." Witnesses said after the shots, Firebirds employees started ushering people out the back door and to safety. "They ushered everybody to safety and very orderly I have to tell you that wait staff the people inside Firebirds did a great job handling everything," she said. "But now the aftermath, I have four very scared young women in the back of my car." 

 Barbara Sparrow, who was eating with her family at a nearby restaurant, said she saw several people running from Firebirds while crying and screaming. Sparrow said the restaurant she was in, Raw Sushi, went under lockdown and sheltered people in the kitchen and office area. She says people were very scared because no one really knew what was happening and there were rumors about an active shooter or hostage situation. Sparrow said the shooting has shaken the tight-knit Foothills community. As of 11 p.m, the PCSD said it was still an active crime scene and it still had many people to interview. 


 Everyone inside Firebirds has been accounted for. Some of the of the restaurants at La Encantada opened again Friday night.