18 de septiembre de 2016

SALUD Sorprende al mundo investigaciones del Centro Steele de la UA

Holland Barr with her pediatric immunologist, Dr. Michael Daines

TUCSON - The University of Arizona Steele Children's Research Center is one of the top research centers in the country. Their mission is to save the lives of children and to find cures for some of the worst childhood illnesses. "One day Holland was a perfect happy child and the next day she woke up with what I could never even begin to explain. She had terrible anxieties, she was afraid to eat, she was afraid to go to school," said Karen, Holland's mother. With no answers, Holland's family reached out to the brand new pediatric research center at UMC, a center that focuses on autoimmune disorders, and they found their answer. 

Their daughter had PANDAS, Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders, associated with strep infections. This is an autoimmune condition which attacks the brain. After receiving treatment, the family noticed a dramatic difference in Holland. "She was walking, talking, singing, eating, she had an appetite, it was like we'd been given our child back," said Holland's mother. Dr. Sydney Rice from the Department of Pediatrics at Banner UMC said many families are facing similar challenges. "When it works, it is amazing and really gratifying to move a child back to health and a normal life," said Rice. "As as a mom, there's a part of me, it does feel I'm failing her because I can't get an answer," said one Tucson mom who hoped her 12-year-old daughter will one day be healthy again. "Within the last six months, she's been exhibiting more neurological symptoms, headaches some OCD, anxiety, difficulty sleeping." 

She said these symptoms are destroying her daughters quality of life. With dozens of doctor's visits and no answers, she's hoping doctors at Steele will be able to help. "Every mom would like to see their child out as a 12-year-old participating in things with their girlfriends, going to the mall, going to the movies," said the mother. Her daughter said she wants the same. "I want help I need help now, I can't go through this anymore," said the daughter.

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