28 de junio de 2016

ICONOS Se medio "inunda" el celebre restaurante El Corral


TUCSON - Heavy Sunday rains meant flooding in some areas, including at the famous restaurant, El Corral. People posted videos on social media of staff using buckets to get rain water out of the front entrance area.

Water was able to sneak under the front door. Adding to the problem, the restaurant’s electricity went out. Workers were outside the building Monday, trying to make sure flooding becomes a thing of the past. Part of the solution was installing drains that will suck up water before is rolls down to the front door. The plans to install these were made before Sunday's rain started.

 “A lot of us have worked here a long time, our bartender for 20 years, some of my staff - a server for 25 years," Manager Alycia Wheaton said. "It feels like a big family, so when a flood happens, it's just like trying to save your own house.” No major damage was done and the restaurant was open for dinner Monday night.