20 de abril de 2016

SOUTHWEST Busca Cochela gravar a cultivos de mota

Coachella may come to the voters this November with a possible a tax on cannabis cultivation facilities that could generate up to $5 million a year for the city. In January, city council unanimously approved an ordinance that allows for certain medical marijuana facilities to operate in the city's auto wrecking zones. 

 While marijuana dispensing (mobile and stationary) and delivery is prohibited within city limits, Coachella now allows for cultivation facilities that are larger than 5 acres to apply for operating permits in the area of Avenue 48 east of Dillon Road. Cultivators are required to get two permits from the city and maintain a long list of standards such as filtration systems to prevent external odors

Coachella council sets marijuana cultivation guidelines According to the ordinance, the city won't be accepting permit applications until after council approves a development agreement for the site that includes a voluntary taxing mechanism or until after a ballot measure is approved authorizing a uniform taxation methodology. 

 Depending on the final structure of the tax and the number of accepted permits, the city could soon be raking in between $1 million and $5 million a year Cultivation Technologies Inc., a company looking to get into the medical marijuana business, has already expressed interest in opening a 6-acre cultivation facility in the city, according to the company's website.

The planned facility would have four cultivation centers, one manufacturing lab, one testing lab and one distributor/transporter. The company also expressed interest in establishing a dispensary if city council were to change its mind and allow them within city limits. Representatives from the company did not respond to repeated requests for comment........................................


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