28 de febrero de 2016

LAX 2024 Buscan que obras de Olimpiada perduren y sirvan

Olympic plans: Plans to build an athletes’ village at Piggyback Yard under Los Angeles’ 2024 Olympic bid were shelved when it became clear the plans were financially irresponsible, said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “I don’t think we could have financially built the sports facilities and not have them also be white elephants and meet anything of the river plan,” he said. One of the biggest pieces of any Olympic bid is the plan to accommodate thousands of athletes, if not in high style, then at least in relative comfort and proximity to sporting venues. This can also be the priciest piece because, unlike arenas and coliseums, cities don't generally have gigantic housing developments sitting around waiting for a huge influx of temporary visitors. To that end, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's bid for the 2024 summer Olympics included a $1-billion proposal to build an athlete village in a rail yard along the L.A. River near downtown called Piggyback Yard, which could then be turned into market housing after the games were done. This site was already identified as future open space as part of the river restoration plan. The price tag and the various challenges of developing housing on an industrial site (hello toxic soil) made it the single most controversial piece of the Olympic bid package. But Garcetti said blowback wasn't the reason for t.............


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