29 de febrero de 2016

ARIZONA Se abaten indices delictivos en Nogales

Nogales Police Department data shows a steady decline in reports of burglaries and thefts, as well as assaults and domestic disturbances, which officials attribute to becoming more visible, approachable and transparent in the way it polices. “We’ve been policing the wrong way,” said Assistant Chief Roy Bermudez in a telephone interview Monday. “We were putting programs out to the community saying, ‘This is what we have and this is what you have to work with.’ Our mode of thinking has changed.” Now, Bermudez said, the department is encouraging officers to go out to the neighborhoods on their beat and “see what the community expects from us.” In the last five years, aggravated assaults have dropped about 68 percent, from 63 calls in 2011 to 20 in 2015, according to a report released earlier this month. Just in the last year, aggravated assaults dropped about 44 percent, from 36 calls in 2014 to 20 in 2015. Assaults were also down about 26 percent, from 69 calls in 2014 to 51 calls in 2015, and domestic disturbances also saw a slight decrease from 167 calls in 2014 to 151 last year. 
 Bermudez said the department has worked to bring attention to domestic violence by providing pamphlets at city events, speaking at schools and meetings, and with its purple anti-domestic violence patrol vehicle. Despite a decrease in most violent crimes, NPD responded to four sexual assault calls last year, two more than the previous year. In all, the police department received 82,187 calls last year, about 14,600 more calls than in 2013. Call statistics for 2014 were not provided in the report. The number of calls reflects calls for service, calls that officers initiated while on patrol and calls initiated by other agencies that the department responded to. The 21.75-percent increase in calls in the last two years reflects the department’s adoption of a new $800,000 records management system in August 2015, said Sgt. Robert Fierros, a department spokesman. Fierros said the old system only logged report-generated calls, but didn’t document reports that officers called in whil


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